Top nutrition secret every Personal Trainer wants you to know

If you are serious about losing baby weight the first thing to do is address your nutrition. This can be a struggle when you have a new baby in tow and are up most nights. Combined with the fact you may be breast-feeding and have piles of baby washing you also have a distinct lack of time on your hands to start even thinking about preparing nutritious food.

So being a new mum myself and running a business, my top tip is to get help with the cooking. You simply cannot do it all, so forget being Supermum! But then I discovered something better than my husband and his grilled lamb chops.  For the cost of a daily cleaner or a taxi into town you can get healthy, nutritious meals delivered to your door by the Pure package. Or for the cost of a private room in hospital to have your baby, you can invest in all your healthy meals prepared by chefs and delivered to your door for 3 months.

The pure package is exactly was it says on the tin. Gourmet diet food delivery to your door. When you sign up a nutritionist goes through some quick questions about your situation, whether you exercise and works out your daily calories needs based on your lifestyle. You can choose a 10, 30, 60 or 90 day package and you can choose whether you would like a full daily menu or just breakfast or dinner and when you would like your delivery to start.

I opened my front door at breakfast time of the day my meals were due to be delivered and an elegant black cool box was waiting to be opened. I felt like the queen as I studied the package which included by menu for that day – Breakfast was Fresh grapes, Natural Yogurt and Muesli. Followed by a mid-morning snack of Fresh fig’s and Goat’s cheese with pomegranate. Lunch was a very tasty Oriental Beef Noodles and Dinner an Asian Pesto Chicken. The menu included all heating instructions so all I had to do was to pop the hot meals into the oven or microwave. The nutritional principles behind the pure package are no wheat, gluten or sugar or trans fats so great for beating the bloat. There is no low fat, sugar free or pre-packaged foods. The food is all prepared on their premises in New Covent Garden Market by expert chefs and meals devised, researched and tested by Nutritionists and Jennifer Irvine, the founder.

What I was most surprised about was the portion sizes. As I am breastfeeding I seem hungry most of the time but with the pure package I felt satisfied and all cravings for sugary things were long gone (key to weight loss!).

Favoured by celebrities and celebrity trainers and combined with a specific post natal home personal trainer and exercise plan you simply cannot fail to feel amazing, lose weight, and most importantly eat deliciously, yet nutritionally so that both you and your baby can benefit from the essence of healthy nutrition. I only wish I could have pure package delivered to my door every day for the next year but my husband would feel left out.

Fit and fabulous in 2012, Top 10 easy and fail proof ways to get into great shape

So this January you are going to lose weight, get toned up and lose the baby weight. After having trained over a hundred clients this year,  we found that there are ten key factors which guarantee your success. They are easy to follow but it’s important you employ just two or three at a time rather than trying to incorporate all ten. Have a fit and fabulous 2012!

  1. Nutrition first! Exercise alone doesn’t work, focusing on nutrition combined with exercise does. Those who know this get into shape far quicker. To help get a nutritionist on board to write you meal plans or sign up to a pure package, who deliver delicious, healthy meals to your door.
  2. Have a big motivator. A holiday, an awards ceremony, going back to work following maternity leave.
  3. What have you got to lose? If you don’t get into shape or feel your best what are the consequences?
  4. Choose a structured exercise programme that has proven results or testimonials. Ever wondered how celebrities personal trainers help them to look so amazing so quickly? They follow structured, varied, tried and tested programmes and we can help you to achieve exactly the same results. Our post baby belly blitz programme consists of specific post natal abdominal and whole body exercises that have got clients losing up to 3 inches off their waistlines.
  5. Take one small action a day. Something is better than nothing.
  6. Chose actions you know you can do. Can you really suddenly eat 7 portions of vegetables a day? Would 3 be more realistic and then gradually build up to 5 and then 7 over a few weeks.
  7. Have someone you are accountable too. A home personal trainer turns up to your door, and records your progress or sign up to a group exercise class. We check in with all our clients at the end of each class to see how they are doing.
  8. Focus on ‘doing’ rather than the outcomes. Rather than “I want to lose 8 kilos” aim for “I am going for a run today and abdominal exercises tomorrow”
  9. Have a trainer track your results. In home Beez Kneez personal training works as our trainers keep a record of client’s measurements or exercise achievements. Progress keeps you motivated.
  10. Get a support network. Get fit with a friend or in a group. We provide childcare options with our small group home personal training where our trainers come to your home.